Solution topuzzle 10676


8Medicine man seen in a theatre? Au contraire (6)

9Archer has a contracted right to make up a story (4,1,3)

10Oxygen in area is cleaned finally and converted to fresh air (8)

11It is hopeless without alternative fuel (6)

12Software describing surgical procedures? (9,6)

14Retiring setter might delegate authority (7)

16Purposeful police force in action (7)

19Deftly catch a llama with this thingy (15)

22Relatively affected from regular airstrikes on resistance (6)

24Something precious or merely diamonds for Juliet? (4,4)

25Mercenary in Edinburgh lacking heart for execution (5,3)

26Unexpected deflection in tennis shot gaining a point (6)


1Zap a dim ache in the end administering a tranquilliser (8)

2One mourning a death is more devoted? (6)

3Implants that feel weird when outside the mouths of some eaters? (5,5)

4Performance is outstanding from French pupil (7)

5Killed a good deal (4)

6Wears kit fit to ride the waves (5,3)

7Understand body image (6)

13Look at adopting quiet child without mum (10)

15Frequently ring newspapers (8)

17Sending out electronic message (8)

18Picture puzzle with ultimate twist I put up (7)

20Solitary success after overcoming hesitation (6)

21Large snake and its game partner (6)

23Land of brigands (4)