Solution topuzzle 10675


1Dog on moon? That’s a rarity (5)

4Need judge during end game (9)

9Kitchen appliance given by generous donator (7)

10Value of a pick-up truck (7)

11Showing respect for icon I set out to follow his lead (9)

12Branch office primarily in the middle of nowhere (5)

13Small money bag (6)

15Forecast carried by newspaper edition stirred public opinion (8)

18Dispose of sarong very cheaply (3,1,4)

19Beef tongue say (6)

22Scales that are uncalibrated to some extent (5)

24Second hand, dilapidated divan taken in without due consideration (9)

26Riding bike to get articles for flower show (7)

27A first-class pulsating climax mostly gets praise (7)

28One function church trust put together in earnest (9)

29Reason soldier is restricted by line of control (5)


1Mug goes round attending church to bring oneself up to date (5,2)

2Trimming/cutting corners leads to an argument (3-2)

3Going round Lourdes so unappealing in a sense (9)

4Wanting to live on the outskirts of Frankfurt (6)

5When caught in marriage it is capital (8)

6Kipper — extremely bad seafood (5)

7A cricket team’s mantra over a third of the game is self-evident (9)

8It is needed to decipher vital part of a sentence (3,4)

14Sea crab I hit on the head (9)

16English queen, one said to be questionable (9)

17Brood over united cabinet reshuffle (8)

18Duke of Edinburgh announced special incentives (7)

20Rare medicine, not one that is prevalent (7)

21Happy to accept casual host (6)

23Answer to puzzle comes as surprise (5)

25Jargon intoned without learning initially (5)