Solution to puzzle 10674


1Posh pleasure boat (5,7)

8Cynic gets Pole’s misplaced funds (7)

9Part of a lathe found in a castle tower (6)

11Fancy biscuit obtained using the speaker’s small bow (5,4)

12Flight or train path? (5)

14Unenthusiastic Poles abandoned translucent mixture (9)

16Mention time to make way for the Yankee with a hoot (4)

18Sound from Leo was partly unproarious (4)

19Assess light for a cricket game (4,5)

21Failure to ignore Washington’s call (5)

22Suffering hoarder goes around lowa, showing a food poisoning symptom (9)

23Dirty student moves in for Idaho storm (6)

25Go over to scratch the head like an educated person (7)

26Sister spies note hidden by Anonymous in a formal public statement (12)


2Maid on atoll brewed a Spanish wine (11)

3IT finds ethnic design covering back of … (8)

4… motor car built to carry new bird (9)

5Speak in complete … (5)

6… sentences at first with the elite comedian informally (6)

7Street in Pondicherry, prior to independence? (3)

8Magnificent lawn of the police informer (10)

10A kind of insurance for the student engulfed by heartache at sea (10)

13Attendants caught with an Irish staple vegetable (5,6)

15Drunkard goes up with a niacin compound for the Italian conductor (9)

17Independent regent gets upset after following me from the south (8)

20Realise Tina is at fault for sheltering Austrian revolutionary (6)

22Bob (American singer), Charlie and Ed leave right away to launder without water (5)

24Functioning as something adequate (3)