Solution to puzzle 10673


1Mineral found by scholar initially in a sacred place (8)

5Model left out patterns in the riot (6)

9An indispensable requirement for successful chip fabrication? (5,4)

11Stray by mistake and find the Greek forest god (5)

12Failure to start off after the apprentice moved forward was a disappointment (7)

14Metal gate placed in front of the firedog (7)

15Fresh clue Sen framed for amiability (12)

17Fear ointment may create agitation (12)

20Standing height (7)

22Bill egalitarians helped to make was unconstitutional (7)

23He returned to get hold of the westbound policeman’s age (5)

24Jeans that may incur the displeasure of the conservatives? (4-5)

26Father interrupted by a god in the sacred place (6)

27Soundly rest after getting a view of the lens (8)


1Live clam cooking results in a stall in the doldrums (6)

2Mark heard the cat raised by the French in the exhibition (9)

3Arrest revolutionary with iodine deficiency on the Chilean airline (3)

4Top fairy-tale heroine becomes the throne’s female heir (5,8)

6Suburban team housed in a rental unit was entertained (11)

7Furnish letters from advocate Ram (5)

8Withdraw with the king exiled by an Oriental to a sacred place (6)

10Strangely, military abuse has the quality of being quantifiable (13)

13Began to talk inside and got shocked (4-7)

16Nosegay in disarray after Gujarati enters a sacred place (9)

18Inattentive army chief takes off, being upset (6)

19Careless master discarded imperfect thimble (6)

21Together with Mike’s trainee on board (5)

25Cover for the head (3)