Solution topuzzle 10672


1Very quickly cut twice (4-4)

5Hair piece on the beach? (6)

10Industrialist and sailor returned beat (3-1-3)

11Puckish drama production almost crowded (7)

12Lamenting sound may go back to the French water body (6)

13“The cold and frosty season of __” (Chaucer) (8)

15Just frayed nylon _ no end! (4)

16Challenging query at someone’s action (3,4,3)

18Are they proud to be in the possession of ladies? (6,4)

20Touched the table linen? (4)

23Cheat captures part of church in plot (8)

24Rock bed? (6)

26Naïve young lady sincere in moving ahead (7)

27Part ZEE telecast is a circus act (7)

28In plural form, this figure makes a cricket batsman nervous (6)

29 Exalts university with encomiums (8)


1If a judge’s words don’t __ __, the accused goes free (5,10)

2Ma and pilot together modified to the maximum (7)

3It trims sailing ship (6)

4Unwilling to reject source of swearword (4)

6Betrayer’s thrown wintergreen fruit (8)

7A fellow-pest circling around sailor in a cordial manner (7)

8Milder item nurse administered carelessly caused the shakes (8,7)

9Saw about quiet writer’s extension (9)

14Attacked; attacked even after poet is removed (9)

17Press the accelerator pedal, as you might tell a taxi driver (4,2,2)

19Trouble in mid-day for a shape (7)

21I abandoned idleness and worked, never wrapping up (7)

22Secrets of Canara Bank? (6)

25A revolutionary up there! (4)