Solution topuzzle 10671


1Grand walk in lungi, for sure (6)

4Rotten roses given to actor-politician and electors (8)

9Initiate a virtue only (6)

10Disorder returning after a blind one’s butchery (8)

12Motorless, for example? (8)

13A country reporters find slippery? (6)

15Numbered plate rewound and put down (4)

16I design these to meet promises (10)

19Spanish MIG is crashing and deforming (10)

20Scrap letter (4)

23Endearing one opens lid of liquor bottle (6)

25Variable tetrode with carbon-filled smoke alarm (8)

27Extravagant lover eats bananas after gulping the last drop of coffee (8)

28No wobbly group of horses (6)

29To train in IT, one’s worried (8)

30Y-fronts — short and sexy in front (6)


1Medical officer leaves debauched laundress horny (7)

2An endless restiveness characterised the period of Emergency (9)

3No refusal to give current cable (6)

5Yawing bus near top of hill stops hearts (4)

6Has become too big? Wrong! (8)

7A place in TN to eat at (5)

8Probes into polls (7)

11Point to criticise before crack (7)

14You should, in part, tear supports and underwear into pieces (7)

17Reliable salesman meets you with a piece of furniture (9)

18Entice into taking drug from China? (8)

19This could be any South Indian! (7)

21Ultimately, steam boat set out for trade (7)

22Regret test turning up to constrain me (6)

24Noble sage’s silent when locked up in R2 (5)

26Smartest ethnic groups let them stand (4)