Solution topuzzle 10669


11000 put in crumpled pouches fills completely (6,2)

6'ad aspirations to get a newspaper section (2-2)

9Upset, I’m leaving the other woman in tension (6)

10Tired Paul imbibing beverage in highland (7)

13Somehow Goa loaded plenty (1,4,4)

14Crustacean from grand stream (5)

15Leader dismissed one cook (4)

16Such humans are in their fifties (6-4)

19Being somewhere else without money leads to self-control (10)

21What the metal container contains possibly for some makeup (4)

24Now leaders of municipality in trouble confess (5)

25What you may do at an auction… (3,3,3)

26I’ll take on head for the contrary of well-being (7)

27Do favours for old boy with one leg fractured (6)

28Standard in a region in France expelling a boy (4)

29Class contains fixed container (8)


2Strike at a place of residence was well-directed (3,4)

3Manipulates demands, we hear (6)

4Misses, yet higgledy-piggledy, are put in order (9)

5It is in the eye of a schoolboy (5)

7Uncovering the bark? (7)

8Actor going over somewhat blue dress in bus (6-6)

11Don’t start bothering over primarily trivial ornament (6)

12Drunken reveller said to support a foreigner (12)

17Short-lived pair, American, coming after the first of last month (9)

18Low digit, large digit (3,3)

20Embroidery piece more than enough to head of seamstresses (7)

22In the midst of a street, mongrel! In the midst! (7)

23Army officer’s falsehood to sheep herder (6)

25Without extras, graduate is almost fed up (5)