Solution topuzzle 10670


1When canines go at each other, it’s high-level conflict (8)

5Junior about priest’s indistinct talk (6)

9Two vehicles going round a vehicle (7)

10“Say why the Japanese went to the bar.” … “Give up?”(7)

11In Rome, no doubt I busied on building (4,5)

12Feathers in smoke? (5)

13Monster to stab leading character moving east (4)

14Obstruct the route (3,3,3)

17What you do to get each of these answers (4,1,4)

19Part of the church in a pseudo-Gothic style (4)

23Relative after victory to crow (5)

24Wrapped up, English vet nearly ran (9)

25Prepared on a cast by first of designers (7)

26Apparently expel the ones who showed up? (7)

27Gives up and idles awkwardly at day’s end (6)

28Somehow Ali ranks the country (3,5)


1Noise CID made on ruling (8)

2He’s to collect about 500 (7)

3Attack devian going round (6)

4Such an order to an executioner is at risk (4,2,1,6)

6More brusque sailor accosts Russian, somewhat pert (8)

7Well done about old city’s great skill (7)

8Jacket for midshipman (6)

10An electoral candidate can’t be sure of this person’s choice (8,5)

15Rather lewd twin lost control (4,4)

16Feud at event stirred up around deputy head (8)

18Laud tea party — praise excessively (7)

20Father on trite stuff at the movies (7)

21Too old — indeed one’s gone (6)

22All for stringing a sort of tribute to the dead (6)