Solution topuzzle 10667

Starred clues, undefined, are herbs.


1Usual position next to a road (8)

5Counterfeit note makes good man to hesitate twice (6)

9Heath or Othello’s tract? (8)

10King of Persia imprisoned leader of pirates in island (6)

12Almost allow Poles to get projector part (4)

13E’er mooning around part of a ship (6,4)

15Field Officer’s gear-change in search (6)

17Part of flight where Bollywood bigwig crosses one (5)

20“...and when I love thee not, __ is come again” ( Othello ) (5)

21Leadership is caught off guard, it’s said (6)

24Intimidated black line defeated (10)

27Quiet time for an errand-boy (4)

29In the hub of a shadowy back-street (6)

30Disheartened Chandra has boy going over bad bells (8)

31Ferry on river with intensity (6)

32See article reshaped: it’s not flat (8)


1*Small mischievous fellow almost allowed (6)

2Exist in large quantities on a pale (6)

3*Daughter’s awful (4)

4Cricket score board has begun ticking: babble away! (3,2)

6*Your old note (5)

7*Spoil Major’s resettlement? (8)

8*Flower presented to girl (8)

11I learn about a kind of equation (6)

14Submits archery equipment (4)

16Sort of projection saint found in sea (6)

17Understanding Pole in sea-change (4)

18It gets filled to the hilt (8)

19*Mali, come out! (8)

22*Scold backward insurers (6)

23*Marsh thriller writer Deighton recalled (6)

25*Graduates nearly sick (5)

26Tell rightaway and give joy (5)

28Money on time for glass shading (4)