Solution topuzzle 10666


1Breaking ice, calm cop reveals the collaborator (10)

7Support born royal, a conservative at heart (4)

9Precipitated calcium utilised (6)

10Baby’s dummy, source of comfort (8)

11Portable mattresses are funny, carried by engineers (8)

12End of affair after devious guile is more unpleasant (6)

13Time spent in the can (7)

16Amusing chap, one with a suggestion of constriction of the heart (7)

17Make advance arrangements for large, new paper perhaps (3-4)

19They assist fighters for a short time (7)

22Acquire, say, motor, black it gives the baker a rise (6)

23Mathematical statement on a quiet work out (8)

26A home for the priest to mature (8)

27Pull out an expert beginning to overreach in Delhi, say (6)

28Shaping tool for some mad zealots (4)

29Exercise for the char, close to exhaustion? Short nap is included (5,5)


2A bird to lift heavy weights (5)

3Watch the alumnus wait at table (7)

4Operated by foot, it covers daughter with a ringing sound (5)

5A tax on one thousand letters (6)

6Hearten leaders of eastern nations with boldness (9)

7Bewildered bachelor ran away with key (7)

8The city to split, you say? Come down to earth! (9)

14Scared to death, tried fire treatment (9)

15Applaud the directors for providing material to cover walls (9)

18Pacify with a meal containing bits of carrots and artichoke (7)

20Oration misinterpreted in Canada (7)

21The old people beginning to interact with one from Sanaa, perhaps (6)

24A deadly sin, for all to see, in American railway (5)

25Gas much in the news, one enveloping animal complex, reduced (5)