Solution topuzzle 10665


1For an aged mind, China developed a calculator (6,7)

10Dry fruit for an eccentric from Rio? (6,3)

11 Widow escorted by South African in boudoir (5)

12Part of the Book by a minor prophet (5)

13Desirous of success, American gets stung by promises to pay (9)

14Ingratiatingly respectful troops follow Sergeant-Major (6)

16Notice, by British order, for building material (5)

19A representative among Bundestag enthusiasts (5)

20Cool directions followed by Frenchman (6)

25A level playing field at Roland Garros (4,5)

26One held by thief in Delhi’s group of singers (5)

27A hint read back (about time!) gets the bread (5)

28Not knowing when there is no light? (2,3,4)

29Period spent in school learning what is theoretical? Yes, including bits of art and religion (8,5)


2No single winner in a lifeless, preliminary race (4,4)

3Strange milieu, devoid of energy, for a bone (5)

4Cheerful daughter quits dubious dealing (6)

5Worker, one with corpus, gets medicine to fight disease (8)

6Ah, Babe!! It can be made fit to live in (9)

7Mild remonstrance expressed at this moment twice (3,3)

8Pipe sections with universal, black terminals (1-5)

9Born to hurry in a short encounter (5)

15Wise men caught with rod, one used for tricks (5,4)

17US marine affected by swelling in the artery (8)

18Stylish editor backs good French ambience (8)

21Famous announcement of discovery (6)

22Chance for action for a policeman in extremes of sufferance (5)

23Legislation accepted by insurers has to do with milk (6)

24Our time lost in a bit of data not tending to change (6)

26Material that a chic rep exhibits here (5)