Solution to puzzle 10658


8Earring earns preposterous deprecation (4)

9Impossible to stop noble Rex AI’s carrying away (10)

10Worker standing in a strike zone (6)

11Overly direct, blunt use exposed (8)

12Go back on a terrifying person (4)

13Where Dad is relocated with a double-graduate (5,5)

17Golconda for one is in favour of troop leader (4)

18Proceed faster in disbursement of pugree without a bit of rancour (3,2)

19Helps in the construction of dais (4)

20Such defects may result in the fall of a house (10)

22Old royal greatly disheartened by revelry (4)

23Positions of pressure where one can’t get cold at all (3,5)

27Common sort of fund? (6)

28Crazy relative might make us slip (6,4)

29Fizzy drink for son of the lawyer (4)


1 Vessel where fighting takes place? (6,4)

2Most ill-tempered Ike spits here and there (8)

3Uncontrolled, it’s shaking in the blast (10)

4If you drive like __, you are a fast and furious driver (4)

5Plays with dolls, maybe (4)

6Two scholars on bad start taking nothing from tropical tree (6)

7Well-stripped, full-stripped in Jewish month (4)

14Delhi’s leader at the back is gloomy (5)

15Dietary addition loose-limbed fellows take primarily (10)

16They give physical protection to people (10)

19Desertion from army post office on street gets a heartless mention (8)

21Break open article leaving Lausanne building (6)

24Working mother recalled a Kerala festival (4)

25A method on vacation (4)

26Some classy keepsake for German town near Bremen (4)