Solution to puzzle 10643


9Bachelor course in Engineering is hard (7)

10Crusade carried out in an old vehicle (4-3)

11Kept on ice – bottled refreshing drink (5)

12So chap has recurring great addiction to work? (9)

13Dapper ring put on a lot in nuptials (9)

14Place according to true height (5)

15Religious education to somehow unite followers (7)

17Distribute lode? (4,3)

19Minor change of heart in a sense (5)

20Record popular opening line about love (9)

22Noisiness marred meeting (2,7)

24In Berlin I followed about the German state (5)

25Master artist backed by Queen is a blue blood (7)

26Say three and ether? (7)


1One dressing of lettuce over time gets brown when cored (8)

2Newsgroups show how to fish? (6)

3Working tan perhaps by a light source (10)

4Dedicated woman entered name in training run (8)

5Starving country lacking in essential grain (6)

6Flash a broad smile (4)

7Situation generating different reactions with time (8)

8It is a sin to steal English crown (6)

14Borrow or rob and get a friend in need finally some capital? (10)

16Think highly of r iches (8)

17Picturesque guide from Kapil has articles on ODI mainly (3,5)

18Dollhouse model, the cosy sort (3,5)

19Run down the wicket and slip (6)

20Most cold cities are awful (6)

21Reference book described key thought (6)

23Regular use of UDRS left a bad taste in the mouth (4)