Solution to puzzle 10642

Note: Starred clues have no direct

definition, but share some

property in common


1 Kind of rubber prepared by Oriental with raw material for chips initially (8)

5 Pull and grasp raincoat’s contents (6)

9* Democrat leader’s new toothpaste ingredient (8)

10* Husband and priest meet the westbound Greek character (6)

11 Working outside in the peak summer days may lead to this (4,10)

14 Sounds like the fraudulent manipulator will get an American trial (5)

16 Ore crusher kept inactive and covered in the morning and afternoon (5,4)

17 Cleaning agent’s work in retreat area cut short by some melodramatic fare (4,5)

19 *Deck’s king misplaced (5)

20 Venerable public servant deletes mantras by mistake (5,9)

23 Winter crop from the east includes note about a meteorological line (6)

24 *Go around to get admitted by the awkward intern (8)

25 Torment, a result of being culturally affected in Mauritania (6)

26 It was a nightmarish tenure in Ohio when looking back to this matter (8)


1 Strain to study (4)

2 Student gets rid of the male rodent and the insect (5)

3 Copper and critic in conversation with a museum employee (7)

4 Imagined a noble gas rising up in an Iceland camp (3-8)

6 Israel censored the upset suppliers’ gymnastic exercise (5-2)

7 Alternative caddie I employed in the event of being made sour (9)

8 New Zealand’s status before 1250 AD? (2,4,4)

12 Daring Thane airman became immortal (11)

13 Miners’ coup depicted in the forestage (10)

15 A big sightseeing trip where we ignored the groundwater treated by … (5,4)

18… Mary for the Roman Catholics? (3,4)

19 Delay in supply (7)

21* Start off with buzz words (5)

22 Privy to some letters from Edmonton (4)