Solution topuzzle 10641


7Free the listless nun with immoral piercing (8)

9Mock the microblogging service’s loss of direction (6)

10Figure found on the truck with the gang (10)

11Law practice (4)

12Supporter gets help in recital (4)

13Impeach corrupted Turkish chief employed in firm (8)

16Get exceptional yield around the French retreat if things go well (7)

18Coach gets Chandler’s lost margins (7)

20Mysterious showman harbouring one with feminine characteristics (8)

21Quote on the radio for the ground (4)

23Glib student replaces the egg to get a flower (4)

24Artificial article taken out by yours truly was a fake (10)

25Skipper used to hide in the study (6)

26Left attached to Alaska’s mysterious large freshwater body (4,4)


1Mock when the Supreme Court’s missing screens turn up (5)

2Sought by some Eastern Bloc citizens during the Cold War days (9,6)

3Pole’s horse sounds evoke a disrespectful laugh (7)

4Renounced the student’s approach to the eye infection (4)

5America’s Old Glory? (5,3,7)

6Appropriate to let mildew break down (4-5)

8Beam made from elms raised in the island’s interior (5)

14Appeal to include an edible seed (3)

15Personal attack to sidestep the main issue? (2,7)

17Garland got with some East European money (3)

19Pitch of the Spanish revolutionary’s quiet laugh (7)

21Avoid Henry’s headmaster’s leer (5)

22Copper line sent up to the Pope’s court (5)

24Flute with one end garbled found in a piece of feudal land (4)