Solution to puzzle 10639


1Dull arguments by U.S. spy agency withdrawn (7)

5Deputy carries papers with head in the clouds (6)

9Throw out Conservative in plane after extreme furore (5)

10Narain Karthikeyan’s vehicle (6,3)

11Pole sometime in first part of play is lax (7)

12They were held by Moses — in the pharmacy? (7)

13A French tantrum is useless (5)

14Order beau to make a detailed statement (9)

16A nail with this may be difficult to hit — a person with this may yet be egoistic (5,4)

19Wander right away! Walk leisurely! (5)

21Figure to add at the end after Officer Commanding (7)

23Hospital worker is a solitary type having a bit of melancholy (7)

24Record: I chant about one’s eyefolds (9)

25Woman backs Russian leader in India (5)

26Cut allowed in river (6)

27U.S. uncle in transformation in central part (7)


1Censorious step may be set right with these jewellery (8,6)

2An individual’s fairy is an individual (7)

3Draw a leader of terrorists to field (7)

4On which much dealing is done gamely (4,5)

5Old coin of the French gathered by Tom (5)

6Confer a subject with a title, perhaps (7)

7Knife that the revolutionary thrust into friend (7)

8They are banded to shape opinion forcefully (8,6)

15Help up in fixed amount for diffusion (9)

17Quick spin with no female in the saddle (7)

18Bags from comic in sledge (7)

19Man, a lac is invested in producing the publication (7)

20Woman in destruction is a wailer (7)

22Intermingled chemical? (5)