Solution to puzzle 10637


1Breakdown from army officer’s mistake (8)

6To a Greek character, this is wine (4)

9Lacking key, strung from a chat on a line (6)

10Girl’s blow causes revulsion (7)

13Handy pointer fuels it up somehow (6,3)

14A mere change in Turkish title (5)

15Liberationists’ extremely uncanny trick (4)

16Not during business time (3,2,5)

19As said when the speaker wants to make his intention clear (1,4,2,3)

21Seamstress leaves small vessel (4)

24Opening musical passage (5)

25Come after? On the contrary! (2,2,5)

26Complainer is a mad

dog (7)

27Jelly fruit for Shakespearean character (6)

28 “__I do fear thy nature”: Lady Macbeth (3,1)

29This hour is the last moment (8)


2Moving – with the traffic light being green? (2,3,2)

3Form a queue to talk about new German (4,2)

4Communist committee built poor presentation (9)

5Finish part of legend on carton (3,2)

7French novel? (7)

8The price of money for a borrower (8,4)

11Hit the man and wrap up (6)

12How one looks with eyes upraised (12)

17Woman slave quailed so terribly (9)

18What you would do when using a hose – not when using a kind of mosquito repellent? (6)

20If one does, all the prepared dishes would be before one (4,3)

22Hard but impressive design for printing (7)

23A place to work away from the rink (6)

25Stuff an empty space? (5)