Solution topuzzle 10635


1It constitutes the movement of one’s liquid assets (4,4)

5Frank, examinee, ate out (6)

9Hesitant Goan, a writer, is a religious doubter (8)

10Takes hold of good files (6)

12Out of it, one might be staying in a hotel (4)

13One politician’s direction about wire is faultless (10)

15Party from Sufi establishment (6)

17Warning changed later (5)

20Author of mysteries destroys horse (5)

21Wrongly blame royal author of thrillers (6)

24Such an event occurs only from time to time (10)

27Vehicle vending centre backed (4)

29Foreman eats a bit of pilau for dinner (6)

30Look about! A trap demolished! Set apart! (8)

31Hate German-English exam (6)

32Good, Leo and Gary repairing medieval waterspout (8)


1Artistically cunning and inventive? (6)

2Is backing what The Hindu contains as source of strength (6)

3Endless merriment on ship causes commotion (4)

4Disapproval about top having blown off rostrum (5)

6A union leader, wealthy for the most part, is relating to gold (5)

7Daughter is clever — daughter’s out of action (8)

8Floppy that has now become redundant (8)

11Devious babu catches journalist in smear (6)

14His disposition follows wife’s desire (4)

16What a spy may do in stubble? (6)

17Culmination of some cheap exercises (4)

18Some beds distributed in relief (8)

19Couple of drugs for a crazy person (8)

22Yellowish-white sheets in city having no appeal (6)

23Get in the way of one male walker at the end of lane (6)

25Stats for visual aid, in short? (5)

26Nearabout a battle site (5)

28Road from Indian village winding back (4)