Solution to puzzle 10622


7 Revolutionary in tears brings out the torchbearers of the society (8)

9 Possessing gin won in wrestling (6)

10 A form of entertainment from Illinois in frequency modulation (4)

11 Bowmen roar excitedly for tissue that produces red blood cells (4,6)

12 A female revenue inspector and chartered accountant get to the south of Mediterranean Sea (6)

14 Inclination to capture back a hiding place at Cyprus (8)

15 Choose to reform pilferer without the Italian (6)

16 Trades with German leader for short time and assigns a rank (6)

19 Bengali, reportedly tense, to get the judgment of conviction (8)

21 General keeps out from using glycerine for shedding tears (6)

23 Peons fared poorly for someone with a severe auditory impairment (4,6)

24 Ground forces depicted in popular myths (4)

25 South Carolina man and setter make an elaborate and systematic plan of action (6)

26 King beheaded theist for backup man (8)


1 Faith of both Priest and Earl in Burkina Faso (6)

2 Surreptitious camera uncovering a fraudulent business scheme (4)

3 A thin pliable sheet provided by bubbly barmen in Middle East (8)

4 Company operating with Frenchmen in the middle is not rare (6)

5 Funny idler turns hostile (10)

6 Reforms free cons and ensures observance of laws and rules (8)

8 An assembly having legislative powers sends Lawrence after Indian armed force (6)

13 I’d brought round definite change and established who I am (10)

15 Falsely repent before Church — that is an unsupportable quality (8)

17 Trust accepted some money not so long ago (8)

18 Crone brings in small changes to someone who suppresses what is considered obscene (6)

20 Required editors supporting north-east (6)

22 Not showing any feeling in front of queen to enumerate (6)

24 Anglers regularly ignored for a prolonged period of time (4)