Solution to puzzle 10620


1Unmarried man of the lowest degree (8)

5A redcap gets into a lair to wet stuff (6)

10The Mr. a spinster waits for forever (5)

11Mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery, it is said (9)

12Lord Greystoke was a sailor leading leaders of Zanzibar (6)

13Late naps turn out to be nice (8)

15Crazy math professor says: “It’s 2 times; chum!” when asked to define an intestinal part (5)

17Bacon lets out a policeman (9)

19Type of triangle I select, after losing time, going back and mixing with ... __ ... (9)

20Uneven area off the fairway (5)

21Appropriate that paise is put into pot and shaken (8)

23He gets your hair and your money too (6)

27Abnormal education put under the hammer (9)

28In between, my French was accepted by Accountant General (5)

29Attempts at prose compositions (6)

30Four days before X’mas in MMXII? End of the world? (8)


1Cap got by plunging right into a source of sugar (5)

2Garlic oil brewed into something for the smoker (9)

3No ball for the actor in the background (5)

4Short send off in the newspaper has nothing before small part (4)

6Tablas are thrown around gypsum material (9)

7One gets in ASAP, back for change in India (5)

8Anniversary that is just ten short of a centennial (9)

9Musical instrument first, for the fiddler (9)

14Activity that gives chiselled looks to a block of stone (9)

15Crockery found in church, in a war exercise (9)

16Requirement of one amongst food, shelter, clothing, etc (9)

18Sky coloured vital fluid in the arteries of royalty? (4,5)

22Selects tooth implements (5)

24Cause for worry camouflaged by Territorial Army (5)

25British guy bungled for a contact sport (5)

26Edible tuber got after I dropped scrambling diode (4)