Solution to puzzle 10619


1Refuse to change your plans or forcefully wear stilettos? (3,4,5,2)

10Island reached by grain abandoning sign (5)

11Legal maxim played an awful role (4,2,3)

12Deadly overweight friend (7)

13Annoyed, hurt but one doesn’t feel the pain when it is working (7)

14Is this a fast acting drug? (5)

16Difficult position for dill, maybe (2,1,6)

19Cloned toy could produce a seed leaf (9)

20Small change comes back as recurring fluctuations (5)

22Gives idiot mixed gins (7)

25Disabled physically in the state cover (7)

27Hothead swallowed by agitated magician in Thailand (6,3)

28Coward nipping a little vodka; that is new (5)

29Toast or presumably use a lorgnette? (5,4,5)


2Bridge player replaces Bond’s boss in restless hospital case (9)

3Flower necklace returned beside yellow window (5)

4Archaeopteryx could be a worm catcher (5,4)

5Henry meets mom for a game (5)

6Incomes to offset financial adviser (9)

7Grouchy demeanour or carriage (5)

8Presently at an insignificant place? (7)

9Mocks self-contained kills (6)

15The stagecoach industry (9)

17Insinuate crooked payments (9)

18Gently handle with these, perhaps (3,6)

19Author gives tea to University College queen (7)

21Dodgy sly doe sings in a high pitch (6)

23Ted leaves deficits corrected for book type (3-2)

24Disciple who must be followed? (5)

26Pole taking meat around for sale? (5)