Solution topuzzle 10589


1Tingling sensation of use to seamstresses (4,3,7)

10Info obtained by taking pound off top of door (5)

11Two Hindus translated mystery stores (9)

12Remit order to include engineer for Roman warship (7)

13Italian three bursting in on divorcee and me; Outrageous! (7)

14Prize assignment keeps bishop on the line (5)

16Ships beer glasses (9)

19Terry does badly in this craft (9)

20Scotland’s own follows Saint Mark (5)

22Underpants heard in the stable? (7)

25Musical passage; it was composed for the masses (7)

27Play made moral with exaggerated emotions (9)

28Mad buccaneer is beheaded (5)

29Unchanging overhead features in sunny holiday brochures (5,4,5)


2Improperly reusing it for clandestine affairs (9)

3Soothe beginner in rescue (5)

4 The state of a fresh

sweater (3,6)

5Love surrounded by what gets blown gives terminal necklace (9)

6Formulate a question in mathematical terms (9)

7River entering initial impressions in legends (5)

8Resists werid nuns (7)

9Important chief in circus (6)

15Does he stop the nobleman; the one serving drinks ? (9)

17Would a recluse dwell in this art museum? (9)

18Drink up! Bore about element to go into great detail (9)

19Candy I’m cooking is full of energy (7)

21Spice got from one crazy over Margaret (6)

23Have young pupil in grotto (5)

24Escargot made both Poles fall ill (5)

26Stupid bumpkin follows the beginning (5)