Solution to puzzle 10588


1Doesn’t make sense to create friction without hard back up support (7)

5Doctor removes bone out of the fish (7)

9Complaint when the girl is good enough to eat (5)

10Angry about one worker getting a roll (9)

11Missile he tracks after a brief while (9)

12It is a leaf insect, reportedly (5)

13Boast over one’s clothing (4)

15Run into decay with one creating disturbance (4,4)

18Gets them out cheaply in a game (8)

19Badly want to hear a story (4)

22Army regulation issue could be a crime (5)

24Has help at another place of rest and recuperation (6,3)

26Censure a salesman going over the edge and trailing behind (9)

27It will grow in size when left in the vessel (5)

28Procession will get back into the centre (7)

29He believed in booze without a job (7)


1The powers that be lined up two soldiers before me (6)

2A standard card after marriage (5, 4)

3He represents time before a contract (5)

4Agitated Blair arrived inside having two houses to face (9)

5Small hooter cut to size (5)

6Disapproval for a fruit (9)

7Stick up time to make laws (5)

8It is an irritant to catch and let loose (6)

14Back one up, angry with the unpleasant fellow (4, 5)

16Caught a fool and an artist, but none believed her words (9)

17Given a choice teacher will return to cheer Herb (5, 4)

20Force to ask for a building block material (6)

21Acacia gives some power to the French (6)

23Fantastic to dine with the Queen (5)

24Throw the fellow on the way (5)

25Check before castle is a no-no (5)