Solution to puzzle 10587


1Fish on this is mostly nice but behave in a suicidal fashion (5,2,4,3)

10Allow team’s dismissal? Not acceptable (5)

11Study what is written draft (9)

12Love to see Mandela’s party in the capital (7)

13Some island revisited to start a musical (7)

14Many sleep at some point (5)

16It is a long way to this place, it is often said (9)

19A jigger photographed girl after girl (4,5)

20Initially took hand off not going for a strip (5)

22Strange things to look back on as one covers it behind a beast (7)

25Emergency power comes on sharp for a vulgarian (7)

27Dog mostly fashionable in central parts of Lithuania, featured twice (9)

28It is perhaps airy to follow love for old language (5)

29In general it set about an organ (5,9)


2American city presents a former Indian president with a menagerie (9)

3Giant movie is almost finished (5)

4They play with occasional furniture inside (9)

5A barrel present in a capital (5)

6Being in office, what he reportedly earns is by crooked means (9)

7The fool is the one to dot the 'i' inside (5)

8Sure, Tay will wander finally flowing into one (7)

9Dislike to weave thread (6)

15Get inured to represent African culture (9)

17Suppose the job at the university doesn’t exist now (9)

18Love a party for a reason — banning alcohol (9)

19Clients made the template (7)

21Entering it to the French is a piece of cake (6)

23Very big firearm evenly made of willow (5)

24Not looking healthy because of the underlying layer (5)

26Tin not present in the muzzle (5)