Solution topuzzle 10584


1Female to adore squeezing a nut’s cover (6)

4Link was reversed in a carpenter’s tool (8)

9You poke at universal compassion (6)

10Where duties are not burdensome? (3,5)

12I back limited diet, possibly (8)

13Expert’s not to be confounded quickly (6)

15Beat partly or beat totally? (4)

16Bad manners to change trade words (5,5)

19Sheer clothes reportedly found on lassie’s hind, throughout (10)

20Largely frightening injury (4)

23Rehabilitate one out of vampire affliction (6)

25Spanish fear of God (8)

27Unsure atheist wonders about Hanuman’s tail (8)

28Compound of church adjacent to Italian city (6)

29Fawning to a good-looking girl embracing your head (8)

30Nevertheless a dry 1 ac.? (2,4)


1He is the first person to fail dismally (7)

2Fake guru-based illegal activity (4,5)

3Poor profit on hill-climbing (6)

5Remedy of ghee balls, evenly picked (4)

6Basic books not out there previously (8)

7See inside, see around, note to see this at first (5)

8They breach the defence of the Wall (7)

11Journal outlining Switzerland’s form of government (7)

14 Robot sapiens ? (7)

17Irish fellow gets into mum’s coat (9)

18Balance that’s exhibited by benzene? (8)

19Audio range of our radio (7)

21Hand is starting to go over body part that’s most well-grown (7)

22Outcome of rising gunfire (6)

24It’s a very ugly prospect (5)

26Burden related to setters and solvers (4)