1Living together in a mystic Obi spell (9)

5Trousers for ‘quackers' (5)

8and 10 Dn. Premeditation seen when a careful home got hit, wrecked (6,12)

9Friendliness of one in a good French residence (8)

11Singer in the buff? Get her out! (4)

12Astringent lotion, but not for women? (10)

14For whom wannabe lawmakers develop a quinquennial respect! (5)

15Makes further changes to what dieters corrected (2-5)

16Cheerful young lad goes around university with worker (7)

17Physical education to preserve a nut! (5)

19Transporter accommodates a ruler, transferring title (6,4)

20Lower part of a wall in a good adobe construction (4)

22In the EC, vegans driven to eat refuse? (8)

23This flier would welcome a good blow (6)

24Sound of a petty fight about a pound (5)

25Time to make a demand for a church working group (4,5)


1Get American uncle to criticise craft (6)

2Explosive soviet drink! (7,8)

3Poles sacked by informer with a restless desire (4)

4The style of a crewcut (5-7)

5Bursting of a fruit releasing seeds in a scenic hedge — a thousand lost, scattered (10)

6Facility on board ship for a friend's rise? (9,6)

7Money carried by Moshe Kelson in Tel Aviv perhaps (7)

10See 8 Ac.

13A touch of tacky smear suppresses men's accomplishment (10)

16Engineer is lost in thought, causes puzzlement (7)

18Under which a great one found enlightenment (2,4)

21Key indicator in music that caught the French beginning to falter (4)