1It may be rotten and can't be eaten, chum (3,5)

5Person of interest, though not quite popular (6)

9I seem to be tossed among Poles in retributive justice (7)

10Everything else with cover — a great quantity returned (4,3)

11Signalling flare, absolutely insubstantial (4,5)

12“Mr. Bean” portrayer's fight with a fourth of channels (5)

13Sacred ceremony's correct, we hear (4)

14Oriental bird's with mate — always (9)

17Punishment at great cost — not light, not coarse (5,4)

19Still one creature (4)

23Mimic follows a large number in prank (5)

24A Tamil leader here now (2,7)

25Tom and woman get a type of seat (7)

26Fruit for old freedom fighter among abstainers' party (7)

27A New York individual — no matter who (6)

28Capital for deli when restructuring is needed (3,5)


1Consumer who takes everything in (8)

2Blot in holding up short fix — one's tense (7)

3Ulster disintegrates? Take stock! (6)

4Perception of network by a great many — when a stranded sailor will be happy (2,5,2,4)

6Flighty section in a building? (8)

7Frenchman recalling regulation on contract extension (7)

8Scolding a sailor (6)

10Where one goes for liquid refreshment (8,5)

15Hate expressed in one rendering (8)

16Visit our eccentric experts (8)

18Understanding for Gridman going up on route that's unknown (7)

20Reportedly, I cry for watch (7)

21Bill a USA spy organisation for a plant (6)

22Go here to surpass (6)