1Society transactions, I'm more upset about (6)

4Separated, Ed follows second train (8)

9Night out for an inanimate object (5)

10Spanish number one is the best (6,3)

11Judge's habit to fleece an oriental (4)

12Addled sage turns grey (4)

13Greek character smuggled in some gadgets (5)

15Surprise shaken rattles (7)

16Takes in tea brewed by bridge player (4)

19Kiln for cooking oats? (4)

20Seigniors, for example, leave rocking Italian composer (7)

23Looking at a donkey in glee, partly (5)

24Cuts of pork for bad actors (4)

25First man, a mother? (4)

27Six balls caught and surpassed (9)

28I leave idiots in confusion for a poet like Eliot (5)

29Flabbergast, eviscerated and confounded historians (8)

30Address whistled cheeps (6)


1Tart cooked in service canteen – sleep on it! (8)

2Postal packet that goes overseas (4–4)

3I go after a Shakespearean villain (4)

5Twin means more change for typeface (5,3,5)

6Flight attendant damaged those saris (10)

7Ill feeling from troubled sauna in East (6)

8Repeatedly do publicity somehow for a gizmo (6)

10Unimportant small tremors? (2,5,6)

14Tidy up shattering change (10)

17Clue file for undomesticated animals? (8)

18Spymaster is Lucifer? That does not tally (8)

21Leapt about nothing for this Basque game (6)

22Erring priest most ready to fall (6)

26Ring up Winnie (4)