1Mira implies varying haughtiness (11)

9Give cheat on the way out some praise (7)

10Special cloth spoilt. What a big stain! (7)

11Big revolver? (5)

12Lore set out in chart. Not too bad! (9)

13Shellfish brought back from a farther canteen (5)

15Girl, not completely illumined, nearly primed to become regular (9)

18Would this movement restrict the men? (6,3)

21Order to communist to keep quiet. That's a tiny bit (5)

22Man, argue violently about one having disease (9)

24Acknowledgement for destruction of ogre by revolutionary leader (5)

26Mel, root terribly for the violin effect (7)

27Short uncle, no longer trendy, hot and rude (7)

28What a diligent housemaid is expected to do or what a lucky gambler may make (1,5,5)


1Latest article: thousand at present are informed (2,3,4)

2More important monk (5)

3Unrefined, when not refined? (5-4)

4Evans at interpretation of a foreign language (7)

5Isolated in Tamil Nadu town without second union leader's key (7)

6Bad moral is in the mouth (5)

7More thick-set with b-bustier manifestation (8)

8Clarified butter with good, hot bits of kheema (4)

14Data processor's limitless sex appeal in more winsome environment (8)

16Separates sailor's parcels (9)

17I'd helpers contributing to church position (9)

19Source of light in the sanctum sanctorum (4,3)

20Supporter saw in France artist's brilliant performance (7)

22Accumulates safety devices (4)

23A wanderer heard it's a nice smell (5)

25Measure wit taking high-class note (5)