1End. (4,4)

5Difficulty a conventional person heard (6)

9Everyone at hand from the beginning (3,5)

10Improvement from a State act (6)

12Bring female out to make plates (4)

13I hector pal rudely for being one who is fond of teddy bears (10)

15Abuse one in business (6)

17Officer in charge on street is showing no emotion (5)

20Appeal to sustain branch of peace (5)

21Girl begins dressing prepared meals (6)

24Desire for good, thin sound quality (10)

27What you have here is what a detective looks for (4)

29With mouth agape, confessed to being a last character (6)

30Clumsy person has top class meat thrown back all around him — reason is poisoning (8)

31D __ the defeated shrinking back, having dealt in used goods (6)

32Bachelor somehow enticed a newly married man (8)


1Skirts could be flaming red when the dynasty is gone (6)

2One in circuitous call for small flowers (6)

3Back off, leave English county and be moody (4)

4He has sleeping drug — a great many fall (5)

6Convertible driver's option for a fill? (3,2)

7Bali unto creating a plant (8)

8Bent cent? Deny circulation (8)

11Lot of papers, by the way, in a continuous flow (6)

14Dainty biscuit? (4)

16Fellows under a head of department get extra things (3-3)

17Moistens up in difficult situation (4)

18Hippie with fine taste in the arts? (4,4)

19Film obliquely (8)

22Some reunion folks, some calumnies (6)

23Caught up with no-soft go (6)

25Think about daughter in the pink (5)

26Hit second particle (5)

28Finally placed porter in valley (4)