1Plain level, say (6)

4Hero taking ill is in agony (8)

9Part of the liver relapses to release bile? (6)

10City which is being visited later on Monday (8)

12Disease afflicting regal pal (8)

13Inferior seed (6)

15Op-ed could publish fraudulent information (4)

16Run into lover dressed to be safe from physical attack (6-4)

19Busy deems model is suspect (10)

20Far-reaching desire (4)

23Male tout's nutcase (6)

25Get inside, like the corrupt (2, 2, 4)

27Remote-controlled pointers not available (5-3)

28I get in gingerly to set fire (6)

29Or Ambrose's not a tall bowler, but a broad one (8)

30Uniform last line (6)


1Constable committed a crime, left a mark of nail? (7)

2Shrouded deep novel in mystery (9)

3Something that sustains erection (6)

5Hack is psychopathic to some extent (4)

6On paper, the irony is baffling (2, 6)

7One infringing on right to oversleep (3, 2)

8Presented arms and dealt us blows (7)

11Arrest Mafia leader, revolting support (7)

14Bonanza package for stereo set (7)

17Image appearance gets Facebook endorsement (9)

18Conservative depends on the Queen to be solvent (8)

19Drugged males lying beside ship ruins in ancient city (7)

21Gods largely at large (7)

22Some Don grilled in part of Mumbai (6)

24Fabric dug up from the bottom (5)

26Nadal has come up a long way (4)