1Funny maid known to all the females (9)

6Hemp spotted in Surat and Lucknow initially (5)

9These may be drawn to set the limits (5)

10Provoke assembly into accepting the round provided by the Russian ballet composer (9)

11Addresser forgets cleric in confusion over what may be found in pencil boxes (7)

12Edward's drooping of the spleen is hereditary (6)

14Dirty letters from Santa in trouble (5)

15After commencement of winter, father leaves palace with lock (9)

17Time taken by young lady to entertain Muslim commander with a light music piece (9)

19Catch the contenders (5)

20Silly to imprison Pole for being deranged (6)

22Notice U.S. Antarctic explorer in conversation about a marine feathered animal (7)

24New choirman holding a musical instrument (9)

25Forge iron to conceal the counter damage (5)

26Oriental getting rid of the superior pharmacy supplies in the trash (5)

27Somehow like salsa when it becomes less acidic (9)


1Permanent water hole set up? (4-11)

2Nature of Corbett's tigers in a part of Uttarkhand (3-6)

3Young Spanish saint turns up with a penny (7)

4Unacceptable note lawyer included in the charge (10)

5It may be left open to accommodate future changes (4)

6Son to lift restriction, being less emotional (7)

7Spatula helping with a golf shot (5)

8Eleven LED shades created with wisdom (5-10)

13Accent trouble combined with brandy in speech (6,4)

16Explorer Vespucci to go out for cans with the U.S. natives (9)

18Slender (but tough) son's resistance wears off (7)

19Emotional female replacing the model is scared (7)

21Detailed disguise necessary to see the hillside debris (5)

23Oral examination getting somewhat of a revival (4)