1Sticky things commonly used to treat sedative phase (8,5)

10Pest controller rebuilds a fort to house unionist fighter (9)

11Fuel in Virginia or in France — there it is! (5)

12Leave of absence may vex eatery workers here (5)

13Insect or big cat meeting parent without hesitation (5,4)

14Side on outskirts of Surrey, clouded by vapour (6)

16Henry with title reversed is macho (2-3)

19Building block to drop which would be indiscreet? (5)

20Despot who made half the city roar and rave (6)

25The grievance I have is mournful to hear (9)

26Brag about a reptile getting stumped (5)

27French revolutionary artist wearing dull kind of coat (5)

28Tea I brewed with brine could cause intoxication (9)

29Outsize limousines — actors' dreams! (7,6)


2What a wet blanket could be (8)

3It's a fungal disease, therefore treatment starts (5)

4Completely lacking gravity in troubled Tooting (2,4)

5Tea for a noble, neither white nor black (4,4)

6For a rival, VRS a ready solution (9)

7Journalist on a return journey carries books (6)

8Bids for removing carbon from the top of chests (6)

9Something hidden, like a computer memory (5)

15Cooked in a mix of oil, herbs etc. from the sea (non-eastern), consumed by daybreak (9)

17Element found in abandoned mica unit (8)

18Dance for Middle-easterner in the desert perhaps (8)

21Ennobled, like half of 5 (6)

22Froth produced when sump is stirred with energy (5)

23School exam finds master on unfinished ploy (6)

24Roman philosopher in a scene recreated (6)

26Sac found in body when difficulty rises (5)