1Men have to help her (6)

5Fish below river current — unmentionable, perhaps (8)

9Plant that would cancel my replacement (8)

10In the end, there is never ending scarcity (6)

11They could be cast because people have one (10)

12The jar is more recent but has no name (4)

13Could he aspire to become a self-righteous person? (8)

16It is either a buy or exchange with these tribesmen (6)

17Was it some accident that Artemis happened to be Greek? (6)

19They covered people's heads as the wire went up through the swine (8)

21Inside Africa is another land mass coming up (4)

22Catch some European cosmetic (4,6)

25To many, it is stray alarm (6)

26Said to sleep on cashier bag (8)

27Determined, He will shortly find some grass (4-4)

28It could be breaking news and others are back on the way (6)


2A ship gets by the gulf (5)

3Develop organisation, drop work and do research (5)

4Avenger gets two points as one gets into trouble (7)

5Overlook a solid figure without dress (7)

6Propriety puts fashion before pen (7)

7Extremely thin fellow will sound cocky after second treatment (9)

8When big turtle moves, one cannot keep the place clean (9)

14With call on the way, one may yet some fresh ice (9)

15During practise, treated her as real (9)

18Write article on church showing remorse (7)

19Young stag would needle the alien (7)

20An artist gets another to help with a creation (7)

23Composer said to have some inclination (5)

24Footwear makes a huge hit (5)