1Retire drunk and have a good night (5,5)

6Proper for Henry given vehicle for becoming chief (4)

9Tests the gold first then does business (7)

10Tokens for telegraphs, say (7)

12Gave beer possibly as the drink (8)

13Unwise person, possibly an imbecile (5)

15Moves gently to be free from pain (5)

17Learn nothing of an Irish county (9)

19Heavy metal found on Gibraltar (4,5)

21All right for GI to wear cap with a plume (5)

23Handy to propel boat (5)

24Painful worry? (8)

27Can side out from being surrounded (7)

28Repeat some of the composite rates (7)

29Invalid having no significance (4)

30Backer has been upset by agent (10)


1See post is dealt with (7)

2Going on and on to no purpose (7)

3Aircraft which levels off (5)

4Cases for incessant use (9)

5Heats up due to inconsiderate speed (5)

7The place of the

bibliophile? (7)

8Stumbling that can get us lost (10)

11GI has skills to produce acceptable music from stringed instruments (7)

14Blues associated with the early 1930s (10)

16Tries the quality quite enough aboard ship (7)

18This fruit is not downed (9)

20Convention demands an advisory board (7)

22War that may be put across (7)

24Girl to take heed not to obstruct (5)

25Battle ground zone around Northern capital (5)

26Be told by a woman captured (4)