8 Colossal Indian boar barging forcefully exhaling air (14)

9 Mexican scrip (6)

10 Evacuated an environmental circle belt regularly in an eastern French city (8)

11 An understandable officer is in this place on time (8)

13 One piece of solid food is offered on an edge to the crustacean (6)

14 The change brought about by a sage finally is very strong in the city of temples initially (6)

16 One enters an Indian city for added lustre (6)

19 Number needed to conduct business legally (6)

21 Gun with zero markings on it (8)

23 Look around the market in the east for these antelopes (8)

24 Gives in the rate of returns (6)

26 This may be the cause of racial differences (13)


1 Rodent gnaws on the cane broom not new (8)

2 Mostly all follow the traffic signal mark (4)

3 Lift up the new suitcase at last in the city (6)

4 Ones next to the Bishop maybe (7)

5 Medicinal herb for the saint I see in front of an altar (8)

6 Minors got a lecture from the soil expert (10)

7 Urge on with shouts in the corridor with two openings (6)

12 Form bubbles as in soft drinks (10)

15 Herbal tea source (8)

17 Making changes in the final word causes a ruckus in the gathering on top (8)

18 Ship in the tea bags finally on the steel frame (7)

20 You and an Indian princess are the first to attend to Clio's sister (6)

22 Reason out the odd death of the bird (6)

25 Go out of the gate (4)