1Block wide shot (5)

4Chocolate could be a mixture of potassium and endless carbs (5,3)

8Pregnant relatives stopped where a hurdle is expected (2,3,6,3)

10Old company in Bengal or Bihar? (4,5)

11British sailors dispersed to fill barrel with fat free whale meat (5)

12Private discharged without English degree (6)

14Fire new Commanding Officer for dancing (8)

17Player unlikely to win the match with a six? (4,4)

18Embrace estranged husband outside one hospital (6)

20Notice a strand of curly hair (5)

22Speech about soldier's bearing (9)

24Labour day holiday? (9,5)

25Provokes saint? That's uncalled-for (8)

26Put up with new leader and settle down (5)


1What may prevent an author from working in his building? (7,5)

2Goes out with fruits (5)

3View ships with shades that enhance one's looks (9)

4Available after second drink (6)

5Well-meaning Spiffytrix questioned his ability to set crosswords at first (8)

6King is on top of a Himalayan beast in boat (5)

7King tortured married Goan man, winning queen's heart (9)

9Can teens goof around after this? (3,2,7)

13Attack vocal priest with a shot in the arm (9)

15Small cocktail of local European rum (9)

16Concentrate and study, stupid! (8)

19Good musical instrument put up on the house (6)

21Massage miss in the auditorium (5)

23Spiffytrix's back? That insect! (5)