1Grid sign, cheap, drawn up in a type of visual communication (7,6)

9This needs to be done with a balance for a satisfactory compromise (6)

10Ruffle wrapped by son returned for not being fancy (2-6)

11Classical ballet step exhibited by some shop assistants (3)

12Go back, get entertained by Yahoo, and then, exit the system (3,3)

13Cheat East German in prime form (8)

14Open-mouthed stare I'd caught (6-4)

17Kitchen appliance's authentic press release yanked (4)

18What a cat does in the stabling yard (4)

19Natives' dangerous option to imprison Doctor Paul (10)

21Being alert, I find mixed lead in cadmium yellow for intelligence (8)

23Lock wage for hire (6)

25English chief gets rid of the one number with glamour (3)

26Rite I organized to capture the mountain ox for a Japanese dish (8)

27Condemns loss of note about the official count (6)

28Objectify and displease Nero at sea (13)


2Odds, say, of allowance getting cut (5)

3Pollute methane, say, with a type of chemical weapon (6,3)

4Clumsy author goes north for employment in IT (5)

5Refuse to pose inside with tightness (7)

6Subdue the gentle auditor's hawk (4-5)

7Holds page sent out by model to get corn porridge (5)

8Confidant at the communion table voiced self-confidence (5,3)

15Match disliked by neutral spectators (3-5)

16Seaside walkway where Lee's panda misbehaved (9)

17Assembled Angola cot is eight-sided (9)

20Ian ignored doctors' branch of science (7)

22Former priest upset by ostracism (5)

23Complex contraption smuggled to former prisoner (2-3)

24Scouts run away as article gets misplaced with the cheap trinkets (5)