1William Shakespeare's love for hoarding... (9)

6… exotic food upset his posh sister at first (5)

9Dance with Gabbar's sidekick in the auditorium (5)

10Spiffytrix and the German revolutionary consumed drug and wandered aimlessly (9)

11Skilled worker's supporter is powerless (7)

12Saint's order is bizarre (7)

13New protective sac — maybe many of them! (14)

17Play with RJ on the radio (5,3,6)

21Additional article with him? (7)

23Parent sounded more distant (7)

25Get small gifts from the three leaders of Britain's cabaret racket (4-1-4)

26Religious opinion withheld by chief at Washington (5)

27Crazy game (5)

28Doctor's educated guess? (9)


1 Chancellor's ship sunk at sea (8)

2 Arrest the Italian backing American university (5)

3 I sent down supporter to a bar (9)

4 A chap took out 100 grand for a yearbook (7)

5 Stops what an artist does in university (5,2)

6 Communist is returning with a supporter (5)

7 Wild tiger seen in national park (9)

8 Really stylish editors brought face to face (6)

14New word using some lingo (9)

15Surprisingly, no burp if a dash of Eno is consumed — what a medicine! (9)

16Movie about rookie spy infiltrating a ship (4,4)

18Reveal work supporting doctor's special delivery (7)

19Actually fed up with artist falling short (2,5)

20He makes his living styling locks (6)

22Profound shout of surprise on embracing a victory (5)

24Finally pace bowlers could be getting round their pet peeves (5)