1 Untravelled introvert, perhaps? (4-2-4)

6 Left stage holding newts (4)

10 Faithful caller coming back to ring agitated Lisa (9)

11 Unneeded actor in the crowd (5)

12 Time to tolerate tricksters? (5,5,3)

14 Acceptable for a cat to be overweight (5)

15 Doctor dupes group inside about how spa windows might be (7,2)

17 Unavoidable loss of postgraduate devastates press agency (9)

21 Interrupt with letters from the prosecuting officer (3-2)

22 Applauder on theatre stage used in shooting movies (13)

24 Jokers? (5)

25 Borat's upset by returned bill for a piece of meat (5,4)

26 Rubbing this into the wound might make it worse (4)

27 Essentially, the company has been renounced in a disconnected manner (10)


1 Browse and then work on article about Tesla's wetting agent (10)

2 Tuberculosis cured by bicarbonate mixture active in the absence of oxygen (9)

3 Truth (in sacred chant taken out by a friend) with respect to a geometrical line (7)

4 Poles initially keen about some racing cars (3,4)

5 Measure adopted by Mickey and Jerry, say, to find colloidal component (7)

7 Dashing female gets rid of the knight at the buttery (5)

8 Smooth words in a TV serial (4)

9 Spies from the south protect the Dutch leader occasionally (6)

13 Some Europeans travel to see a blister beetle (7,3)

16 Cleaner in bar on the second right replaced by George (9)

18 Scattered the auditor's boxes (6)

19 Not fully keen to get a painkiller (7)

20 Outdoor storage fee for heavy goods cart goes up with time (7)

21 Laugh on seeing time left for job outside (7)

22 Christmas song by author Dodgson on the radio (5)

23 Tuber plants Oscar cut before moving down south as much as possible (4)