CHENNAI: Faith in the scriptures is essential for spiritual quest. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna as preceptor has revealed the supreme truth for the benefit of humanity. That is why He tells Arjuna not to disclose the esoteric value of the higher truths expounded in great detail by Him to sceptics and others who lack self-control and devotion. But true devotees are encouraged to share this invaluable light of knowledge with genuine seekers of truth.

Jnana is attainable to those who approach it with humility and this is typified in the total surrender of Arjuna to Lord Krishna, when he seeks refuge in Him while acknowledging his own utter helplessness and ignorance, pointed out Swami Swaroopananda in a lecture.

For the greatest hurdle in the path of God realisation is the sense of ego where the feeling of "I" and "Mine" attaching itself to one's self prevents a proper perception of things. Only with the awareness of God's greatness does the self begin to understand its smallness and loses the sense of ego.

Arjuna's moral dilemma regarding the path of duty arises from his inability to differentiate between good and bad. He is confused as to what to do and what not to do, and desires to be instructed on the relative merits of the ways of the world.

Lord Krishna reveals the art of living in this world, the art of learning to face death and the path leading to salvation. His words of comfort to Arjuna not to sorrow carry the Lord's assurance of unfailing help to the suffering humanity. Those who surrender at His feet with unconditional faith can truly experience His grace and protection.

Any act of surrender becomes significant only when both the seeker and the person whose help is sought qualify for their respective roles. The former should be fully aware of his helpless nature and the latter should be absolutely competent to offer the necessary help.

In this context, Arjuna by seeking none other than the Supreme Being with all humility has made his surrender effective.

The Lord is all powerful, all knowing and all pervading, the one beyond Time and Space and is the only refuge not merely to Arjuna but to all who seek His feet.

The true seeker's faith understands that none but He can give release from human bondage.