CHENNAI: There is a scheme in this universe that is determined by God. As part of this creation it is necessary for an individual to understand the dynamics of existence. Consciousness and matter conjoin to bring about the creation of this universe of insentient and sentient beings. The power of the Supreme Being, which is responsible for the creation of this diversity, is known as Maya. The mystery of creation can be understood with the example of a pot. To make a pot mud (material cause) and the potter (intelligent cause) are necessary. In the case of this cosmos, Maya is the material cause and God is the intelligent cause, and Maya functions under the subservience of God.

In his discourse, Sri Goda Venketeswara Sastri said just as gold became an ornament, mud into a pot, so also Maya transformed into this universe. In the process of creation the intelligent cause does not undergo any change. Lord Krishna explained the mystery of creation to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita, "Of all embodied beings that appear in all the species of various kinds, Prakriti or Nature is the conceiving Mother, while I am the seed-giving Father. Sattva, Rajas and Tamas these three qualities born of Nature tie down the imperishable soul to the body."

Spiritual knowledge that the Lord imparted in the Gita is the highest one which is capable of giving eternal bliss. The Upanishads also describe this as the basis of all other knowledge and human birth the opportunity to attain liberation from bondage by gaining the knowledge of the Self. Even if a person accrues a lot of merit (Punya) by doing good deeds and gets heavenly status he has to be reborn in this world after exhausting his Punya. So after being privileged to be born as a human being, a person must be happy with his lot and strive for liberation.

The Gita describes the nature of the Almighty as eternal and man's predicament as that of bondage. Having caught up in the vortex of worldly bondage man must remember God always and surrender to Him because it is only by His grace that he can transcend Maya during his spiritual quest. For one who has overcome Maya there is no return to the world again.