Sugriva is suspicious of Rama and Lakshmana who have entered the forest. He is afraid that they might be friends of Vali and they might harm him. So he sends Hanuman to find out more about them.

After meeting them, Hanuman goes back and dispels Sugriva’s doubts. Sugriva’s fears having disappeared, he tells Rama that he has had a report from Hanuman about Rama’s qualities, and he therefore wishes to make friends with Him. But Hanuman wants this pact of friendship to be entered into fully. So he lights a fire and asks Rama and Sugriva to circum-ambulate it and seal their pact. Sugriva remarks that now that they are friends, they will share their joys and sorrows. He then breaks the branch of a tree, and seats himself on it beside Rama. It is left to Hanuman to offer Lakshmana a seat on the branch of a sandalwood tree. Sugriva should have himself remembered to offer a seat to Lakshmana too, but he doesn’t, and later suffers for ignoring Lakshmana, a staunch devotee of the Lord, said Akkarakkani Srinidhi, in a discourse.

Rama vows to eliminate Vali, who has usurped Sugriva’s throne and captured his wife. Rama says that His arrows never fail to hit the target, and that using them he will kill Vali. But the first time Sugriva engages in a fight with Vali, the Lord does not kill Vali, and Vali thrashes Sugriva soundly. The reason Rama offers is that since the brothers look alike, He has to be careful not to kill Sugriva accidentally. But the real reason must have been Rama’s displeasure at Sugriva not offering Lakshmana a seat, when he offered Rama one. So Rama must have decided to allow Sugriva to get a delayed relief from his problems.

Guha’s behaviour is a complete contrast to Sugriva’s. Lakshmana stands guard as Rama and Sita sleep in the forest. He is distressed to see Lakshmana spend the night standing. He makes up a bed for Lakshmana and suggests that Lakshmana rest, while he takes over the job of guarding Rama and Sita. By offering to relieve Lakshmana of stress and offering him a bed, Guha shows he has respect not only for the Lord but also for His devotees. Disrespect shown to His devotees never fails to anger the Lord.