Sages spent their time in deep thought about God. Thirumoolar says we should direct our thoughts inward as much as possible. That is the way to realising God.

The world consists of living and non-living things, and God is present even in non-living things. Although we would see a table or a chair as a lifeless object, God is present in them too. There is no part of the Universe where He is not present. God has the power to do what and when He wants to, said K. Sambandan, in a discourse.

And yet we remain oblivious of His powers, and indulge in seeking material possessions, which will give us temporary joy, but will not grant us moksha. It is true the world is so full of temptation that it takes a great deal of will power to think of the more philosophical aspects of life, instead of momentary pleasures.

But we need to look at the example which great men have set us. It is not that they did not face troubles. It is not that they did not have to deal with the day-to-day troubles that we complain about so often.

They too, by virtue of being a part of this world, had their share of problems.

But they did not let either the pleasures of life or the setbacks they faced distract them from keeping their mind focused on the all-important goal of moksha. Even while they carried out their duties, they knew that they should remain unmoved by good luck or misfortune.

There is a Tamil verse that compares such yogis to women carrying pitchers of water on their heads. The women chat with their friends and laugh, yet not a drop is spilt.

That is because they know that while they may spend the hours of work pleasingly with merry conversations, they must not lose sight of the fact that they need to take water home for their needs. So do the wise live. They do not shirk any of their duties. They do not forget to play the many roles we all have to play in life — that of mother, father, daughter, son etc.

But all the while, they know that all these ties are temporary and they should meditate on the One who resides inside our hearts and seek His feet.