CHENNAI: The greatness of the Vedas lies in the fact that they provide guidance for living for the entire range of human needs — from the most materialistic to the most detached and spiritual. Cutting across time, people and places, the authenticity, versatility and relevance of the Vedas have been acknowledged.

The Bhagavad Gita redefines the Bhakti Bhava and establishes its crucial role in the Jivatma’s salvation by providing a direct link with the divine. Bhakti Bhava is a unique emotional experience and its flowering in an individual is directly proportional to the spiritual maturity that one attains gradually. This implies that the individual has faith in the message of the scriptures and in the teachings of the Lord, preceptors and the devout saints who have directly experienced God and remain devoted to Him.

In a lecture, Swami Omkarananda pointed out that Lord Krishna reiterates that faith in scriptures is what differentiates a believer from a non-believer and that lack of knowledge of the Supreme Lord is the cause of all misery in this world. While it is easy to deny God, one needs faith to know Him. While the world, environment and people remain the same, there is an inner transformation bringing about an attitudinal change in us as love and devotion to Him begin to take root in our consciousness. Our outlook on things changes and our ability to deal with the problems of life is strengthened.

Arjuna, who always thought of Lord Krishna to be a friend, is made to realise that He is none other than the Supreme Brahman incarnate. There is nothing further to be known than the ultimate knowledge of the Supreme Brahman. Unless one is able to cross the barriers of desire, greed and delusion, it will not be possible to know God.

Among thousands of men, one maybe, struggles for perfection. Among those who thus struggle, perhaps one attains perfection. Amongst those who are perfect maybe only one may know the Lord. The Lord explains that He is manifest as the universe comprising earth, water, fire, ether, mind, intellect and egoism. He is also the sustaining force of the entire universe.