A young woman admitted with breathing difficulty in a private hospital here was detected with a rare lung tumour which was removed by a team of city doctors through an advanced medical procedure without involving surgery.

Sowmya, a 27-year-old woman from Melakuavery near Kumbakonam, was referred to Cethar Hospitals, Thillai Nagar, by a pulmonologist who suspected tuberculosis. Investigations showed the patient’s left lung had collapsed but the tumour was detected only after a bronchoscope, said Rajarathinam, director, Cethar Hospitals.

“It took nearly two years for me to get the right diagnosis. ,” said Sowmya, a mother of two children. The tumour was identified as bronchial carcinoid. The technique employed was argon plasma coagulation , said Dr. Rajarathinam.

A team of 10 specialists, including anaesthetist Rasweth Krishnamoorthy, ENT surgeon Janakiraman, and other surgeons performed the procedure which lasted more than three hours. The collapsed lung started functioning after the surgery last week and the patient was able to return to daily routine.