Prahlada implicitly believes that the Lord pervades each and every atom of creation and that He dwells even in Hiranyakasipu who considers Him a sworn enemy. Such a state of realisation of God does not match the milieu of his birth and upbringing. It goes against the demonic traits of his lineage, bringing into sharp focus the polarities between father and child, pointed out Sri Dushyant Sridhar in a lecture.

Prahlada reveals the cause of his devout leanings to his classmates when they raise their doubts and concerns in this matter. His spiritual jnana was imbibed in a rare situation — when he was a foetus in his mother’s womb.

It so happened that when Hiranyakasipu was engaged in severe penance to seek Lord Brahma for boons, Indra tried to smuggle his pregnant wife and was prevented by Narada who took her to his hermitage.

Narada taught her the path of devotion to Lord Narayana. These spiritual truths had taken firm root in Prahlada’s consciousness. The classmates used to listen spellbound when Prahlada shared his jnana with them.

Life is short and one has to make the best use of it to seek God and aim for salvation. He extols the practice of virtues that nurture devotion — listening to His glory, singing His praises, service to the guru, association with the pious, and cultivating the perception that God dwells in all aspects of creation.

Prahlada remains unshaken in mind and unhurt in body through all the tortures inflicted on him. This visible proof of God’s grace only aggravates his father’s frustration. When it was time for Hiranyakasipu to be killed, the Lord incarnates as Narasimha in response to Prahlada’s faith, while taking care not to transgress Brahma’s boon to him who had sought to escape death by all possible means and beings including Brahma.

The only stipulation he had overlooked was the Supreme Lord who had created Brahma. This avatar makes the maximum impact in the briefest spell of time.The Lord blesses Prahlada and wishes to grant the child whatever boons he wants.

The wise child is not tempted by this offer and seeks from God the boon that no desire for any boons should arise in his heart.