Bhakti establishes a natural link with the Supreme Being as is evident from the various instances in the lives of the devout. The omniscient Lord is moved by compassion and responds to the Bhakta’s selfless love and worship in myriad ways, and thereby this bond gets strengthened.

The true quality of Bhakti Bhava transcends all other factors such as status, birth, scholarship, wealth or ostentation, and this is exemplified in the case of Pusalar, who lived a simple life as a Siva devotee, said Sri B. Damodhara Dikshitar in a lecture.

His worship took the form of building a temple for Siva, and since he did not have the money for this he began building the temple in his heart in a meticulous manner. He imagined that he brought the bricks and sand, and the architects. When the construction of the temple was over, he even fixed the auspicious time for consecration and prayed that the Lord be present at that time to grace the occasion.

In a parallel situation, the reigning Pallava king had also built an exquisite temple for Siva in Kanchipuram and requested the Lord to be present for the auspicious inauguration. It is said Siva appeared in his dream and told the king that He had already promised to be present at the consecration of another temple at the same time in the nearby Thiruninravur, built by one Pusalar.

Much impressed by the devotion of such a Sivanadiyar whom Siva wished to grace, the king hastened to meet this Bhakta and participate in the consecration ceremony. When he reached the place, there were no sign of any celebration, nor was there any temple in sight.

Enquiring about the whereabouts of Pusalar, the king found the Sivanadiyar in deep meditation. When he came out of the trance, he was accosted by the king, who was eager to know about the temple. The unassuming Pusalar had kept this grand event in his heart and not told anyone.

He wondered how the king came to know of it. When he was told that Siva had told the king that he would be present for the consecration, the Nayanar was overwhelmed at the Lord’s boundless grace.