The entire creation is a marvellous masterpiece and the sole proprietor/owner of this expansive and intricate world is the Supreme God. Is it not the duty of every being to appreciate the world and thank the creator for this most fortunate human birth? Should we not realise that this birth alone has the potential to free us from further birth? This is the essence of Saint Arunagirinathar's compositions which are encyclopaedic and teach mankind to savour the experience of God in a myriad ways so that we begin to seek salvation, pointed out Sri Mathivannan in a lecture.

Chanting His names gives solace to the troubled mind and protects us through the various challenges of life. Not only are the sufferings removed, but also ignorance that prevents the right knowledge of God. The focus is on a principled life based on truth and human values. Worship and observance of rituals can help us to become devout.

The saint acclaims Lord Muruga's beauty and fame alluding to the unique situation when he imparted the meaning of Pranava (Om) Mantra to his father Lord Siva while Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu watched this rare scene. The saint extols the incarnations of Vishnu — as Lord Rama when He defeated the ten-headed Ravana, as Kurma when He helped to churn the milky ocean with the mountain Manthara and as Lord Krishna when He hid the sun with His discus to create the appearance of night at daytime. When Muruga fights the demons, the battle scene is recreated with a remarkable word picture with excellent sound effects — the jingling anklets of goddess Bhairavi dancing, the sound of the vultures, etc. Constant chanting of the Lord's names and reflection on His glory with total faith is necessary.

Do we not trust a doctor when he prescribes a medicine and hope that we will be cured? With a deep understanding of His infinite glory, one has to experience His compassion and utter His name with total faith. The human brain is a sophisticated mechanism capable of storing experiences and endowed with the power of recall. The brain, mind, intellect and senses have to be marshalled to focus on God and uphold the virtuous path.