The DMK candidate C. Govindasamy, who lost the Assembly elections from Tirupur North constituency, has attributed the defeat to the routine mindset of new voters for a change and closure of dyeing units, among other factors.

“Though the DMK Government had come out with many pro-industry and pro-people measures, the voters were of the impression that the government was responsible for the closure of the dyeing units, which is not true at all,” he told reporters here on Tuesday.

The seat was won by M.S.M. Anandan (AIADMK) by over 73,000 votes. According to him, it was the pressures put by the previous AIADMK government on the dyers asking them to give assurances before the court that zero liquid discharge (ZLD) would be attained that eventually led to the closure of the units after some years. He pointed out that the overall tendency of the new voters to go for a change, which was prevalent in Tamil Nadu since the late 1980s and also in states like Kerala, too had contributed to the defeat.

In Tirupur North constituency itself, around 40,000 new voters had been enrolled into the photo electoral rolls this time, he said.

He refused to subscribe the views that rise in the prices of cotton and other raw materials needed for textile industry was caused by the inefficient governance of DMK.


He assured that the DMK would continue putting pressure on the state and central governments to ensure that the crisis in the dyeing industry was resolved at the earliest.